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Service Hour

Service is a vital component of the educational experience at PC. Each student in grades 9-12 performs a minimum of 15 hours of service to others each year, though most accomplish much more. Students in the 8th grade focus on service to the school community. Additionally, PC parents serve the school by volunteering throughout the year. There are numerous ways for students to grow through service to others and many opportunities to serve are provided through school.
For questions about student service hours, contact Ms. Adinaro

Student Service Hours Form

Service Project

In addition to completing service hours, students in grades 9th-12th create a project focusing on the service they completed. Over the summer, students will gain access to a Canvas course containing more information for their project based on rising grade levels. It is the student's responsibility to accept the invitation to the course in order to gain access to the Canvas page. The following video provides more information on what can be found in the Canvas Course. 

Project Details 
All projects should include the following:

Photos/videos of you doing service
Description of your service 

--Why did you choose this project?
--What did you do for service?
--Where did you perform your service?
-- What was difficult about it?
--What did you enjoy about it?

Explanation of how your service builds up the Kingdom of God 
--How is the world a better place due to your service?
--What impact do you feel that you made?
--Read Matthew 25:31-46. How does your service relate to this passage?

Explanation of what you have taken away from this experience
--What did you learn from doing this project?
--In what ways have you grown or changed from doing this project?

Project Rubric
--Grades 9-10
--Grades 11-12

Area Volunteer Organizations

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia
Catholic Charities is in need of volunteers who can give 2 or more hours per week/month.  If you are interested in volunteering in their offices and/or serving older adults in our community, please read about the services needed. 

Catholic Heart Workcamp
Be a part of a mission to serve!  You will work, serve and celebrate!  You will build relationships, pray, change while you change the world!  See your youth minister for details.

Catholic Volunteer Network
Catholic Volunteer Network, established in 1963, is a non-profit membership organization of 215 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs.

Diocese of Richmond Youth Ministry
The Diocese is continually offering service opportunities throughout the Diocese and the country.  You can go through your parish or contact the Diocese directly for more information. 

Office for Evangelization for Youth
The Catholic Diocese of Richmond’s Office for Evangelization for Youth partners with parishes and schools to provide meaningful opportunities to engage in the mission of the Catholic Church through community building, prayer and worship, justice and service, and educational opportunities.

Youth Volunteer Corps
Youth Volunteer Corps of Hampton Roads engages youth in meaningful volunteer opportunities that positively impact the lives of others. 

Bishop’s Awards for Service

His Excellency, Bishop Knestout, has a deep love of Catholic education and consistently expresses his support and presence to our students throughout the Diocese of Richmond.  One way this is done is by recognizing students through the Bishop’s Awards for Service, which celebrates young men and women who give exceptional service to the Church and community. 

There are several award levels for students to strive to be stewards in the community.

Servant of God Frank Parater Award
The Servant of God Frank Parater Award is given to those who have volunteered over 100 hours of service.  Frank Parater was a seminarian in the Diocese of Richmond who was known for his exceptional devotion and service.  When he died while in seminary, his last will and testament were found.  The following is an excerpt from it, now entitled:  Act of Oblation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

"Since my childhood, I have wanted to die for God and my neighbor. 
Shall I have this grace? I do not know, but if I go on living, 
I shall live for this same purpose; every action of my life here is offered 
to God for the spread and success of the Catholic Church in Virginia."

St. Vincent de Paul Service Award
The St. Vincent De Paul Service Award is awarded to students who have given between 150-250 hours of service to the Church and community.  Known as the great Apostle of Charity, St. Vincent was at one time a slave to the Moors. He helped revive the priesthood and founded a religious community dedicated to the poor. St. Vincent is the Patron Saint of the Diocese of Richmond. His motto was: 

"Let us love God, but at the price of our hands and sweat of our face."

Pope Francis Award
The Pope Francis Award is awarded to students who have completed over 250 hours of service to the Church and the Community. Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium states, 

“Works of love directed to one's neighbor are the most perfect 
external manifestation of the interior grace of the Spirit….”