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Student Life

PC students come from 14 cities and counties, 19 Catholic parishes, and many different cultures and backgrounds.They are given opportunities daily to challenge themselves, to motivate each other, to lead and to learn as they work toward becoming, as one beloved English teacher puts it, the best version of themselves.

A Day in the Life of a Knight


7:45--8:00 Homeroom

Students appreciate the familiarity of homeroom, since they have the same teacher and classmates every year. Homerooms are assigned by gender and grade level. Homeroom begins with prayer, followed by the  PCTV news show. Homerooms also meet monthly during Acitivty Block to socialize and work together on different projects.

8:04--9:34 First block

Ninety-minute class periods allow ample time for labs, collaborative projects, and active learning.

9:38--11:08 Second block

11:08--11:52 Activity block

Students are able to arrange club meetings, small group study sessions, or get extra help from teachers--with ample time for eating and socializing, too. Lunch is made from scratch daily and includes several entrees and a la carte options.

11:56--1:26 Third block

1:30--3:00 Fourth block

After school activities include athletic practices and rehearsals for PC Players performances. Most club meetings and events take place during activity block.