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Student Life

Peninsula Catholic provides many uniform options for allowing students some flexibility in choosing what to wear to school.  Specific guidelines can be found here and in the PCHS Family Handbook. 

PC logo items can be purchased through Tommy Hilfiger, except for PC ties which are purchased from the school. For more information about ordering school uniforms, review the Tommy Hilfiger guidelines here. Peninsula Catholic High School’s Home and School Parent Committee organizes a used uniform program for parents to donate uniforms their student has outgrown or no longer needs. Information about used uniform sales is published in the PC weekly newsletter Knightline.

For questions about the used uniform program, contact Sharon Hyland.

Periodically throughout the school year, students are permitted to dress outside of the uniform. These days are referred to as Tag Days. The attire for Tag Days follows the same guidelines as the uniform dress.  Specific guidelines for Tag Days can be found here and in the PCHS Family Handbook.