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About Us

The members of the School Advisory Board operate in a collaborative manner to plan and make recommendations for policy in the areas of finance, strategic planning, development/marketing, facilities, and legislative with a vision toward future growth and development.

The board is guided by a set of bylaws approved by the Bishop and expectations include helping communicate the mission of the school, supporting and encouraging the Principal and Superintendent, and maintaining the communal vision in policy recommendations.

The board includes representation from supporting parishes, feeder schools, alumni, parents, and community supporters.  Candidates are recommended by current board members or school staff.

Executive Board 

William Burke - Chairperson
Todd Davidson
Jennifer Phillips, Secretary
Michael Reilley 
Jason Wartell
Dr. Hassan Hassan
Kelly Tallent
Jonathan Sargent
Nicole Munford Clark

School Officials 

Heather Whitchurch
Ashleigh Lewis
David Page


If you have any questions about our School Advisory Board, please contact Ms. Heather Whitchurch or call us at (757)596-7247.