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Peninsula Catholic uses Continuous Enrollment (CE).  On average, more than 90% of our families continue their education with us.  CE Streamlines the enrollment process, allowing our families to manage their students' enrollment from year to year with ease. 

Important Dates

November 1: A Tuition Notification Letter is sent to all families and published on our website.

December 1: Flexible Tuition applications open for the upcoming academic year.  Please, refer to our Flexible Tuition Program page for more information.

January 17: Continuous Enrollment Contracts are open for new families.

April 14: Last day to Opt-Out of enrollment for upcoming academic year.

April 15: Non-Refundable Continuous Enrollment Registration Fee billed via FACTS 
unless an Opt-Out form is submitted by April 14.*

After April 15: All Opt-Out requests will forfeit the $150 non-refundable registration fee and be assessed a tuition penalty.



Disclaimer for Families applying for flexible tuition:

If you have applied for flexible tuition prior to April 14 and receive your flexible rate notice AFTER the opt out date of April 14, AND we are unable to come to a financial agreement for the upcoming academic year, you will not be held to the continuous enrollment contract and must complete an Opt-Out/Withdrawal form within two weeks of receiving your flexible tuition rate.


Opt-Out & Withdrawal Process

If you wish to Opt-Out of Continuous Enrollment for the upcoming school year or are looking to withdraw your child/children from Peninsula Catholic High School at any point during the year, complete the Opt-Out/Withdrawal form (below).

We encourage you to contact the Business Manager, or the Enrollment Director if there is an issue or concern that we might be able to help with prior to completing the form.

This form will be digitally sent to both the Enrollment Director and the Business Manager.

Please remember that student records and transcripts are not released for withdrawn students until all current tuition and fees are paid in full.

Notes for full-time students who are Opting-Out of Continuous Enrollment for the upcoming academic year:
Your student’s spot at PCHS will no longer be guaranteed and will be subject to PCHS having space available should you decide to return.
If you later decide to return, the Continuous Enrollment Agreement will need to be completed again along with payment of the $150 Continuous Enrollment registration fee.
If you have applied previously for Flexible Tuition, and have decided to Opt Out/Withdraw from PCHS, your initial Flexible Tuition rates cannot be guaranteed should you decide to return to PCHS at a later date.