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St. Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy


What is Saint Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy (SVVA)?
SVVA is overseen by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond and administered by the administration and faculty at Peninsula Catholic High School. It is designed to provide students in grades 8-12 an opportunity to engage in a live, synchronous virtual learning environment from anywhere. Video conferencing cameras in each classroom bring the students together to collaborate and engage in the learning process, alongside their in-person peers attending Peninsula Catholic High School. Google-certified instructors apply innovative strategies to engage students, regardless of where they are located.

What kind of diploma will my child receive after completing Saint Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy?
Students who complete all the requirements for graduation will receive an advanced or standard high school diploma from Saint Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy overseen by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, administered through the administration and faculty at Peninsula Catholic High School.

Do you offer a GED?
We offer a complete curriculum to earn a high school diploma from Saint Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy that is recognized by colleges, universities, and employers and signifies that you have completed a rigorous course of study. GED preparation is not part of the curriculum.

Who can enroll at SVVA? 
Saint Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy is designed for families with students in grades 8-12 within the Diocese of Richmond who prefers a virtual option for their students or who do not have a Catholic high school available near them. 

Can I enroll if I am outside the geographic area of the Diocese of Richmond?
Yes! SVVA is ideal for many situations, including families who relocate out of the area for military or business transfers, for families with members located in two different households, and for international students who are seeking a Catholic education and graduation with a high school diploma but are not able to travel to the United States to attend in person.

What is the cost? Can I make payments?
We strive to offer an affordable, quality, Catholic education. Tuition varies by full-time and part-time attendance. Saint Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy utilizes FACTS, a confidential online service, to develop a Tuition Payment Plan that allows you to spread your tuition payments over the school year with no interest expenses or additional fees. Click here to read about our tuition and payment plans. We also offer a flexible tuition program for qualifying families to take advantage of a more affordable, personalized tuition rate. 

How will SVVA accommodate for any significant increases in the student body? 
SVVA is committed to keeping class sizes small to ensure that each student receives individualized instruction. Additional faculty will be hired, as necessary, to maintain a low student-to-faculty ratio.

What is the SVVA School Calendar?
SVVA will follow the calendar at Peninsula Catholic High School as approved through the Office of Catholic Schools at the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.  

What if I want just a few courses?
Students have the option to enroll as full-time students with the goal of earning a diploma from Saint Vincent de Paul Virtual Academy or attend part-time, enrolling in no more than five individual courses each school year. There are many reasons students enroll in SVVA individual courses:

  • To catch up on lost credits due to transferring to stay on track for graduation

  • To take courses not offered by their current school

  • To complete a home school curriculum requirement

Are graduates accepted to colleges?
Yes! Graduates will be accepted to both two-year and four-year colleges across the country just like their Peninsula Catholic counterparts. Peninsula Catholic High School is proud of its 100% college acceptance rate, and we anticipate the same will be true of the graduates of SVVA. View a list of colleges where Peninsula Catholic graduates have been accepted.

Can I graduate early from SVVA?
Students at SVVA follow the same credit requirements as all the high schools in the Diocese of Richmond. (See the table below) A graduate of SVVA would not be able to graduate any earlier than the end of their senior year in May.

The following table reflects the requirements for the Standard Diploma (SD) and Advanced Diploma (AD).