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The Benefits of Community Service

April 02, 2019
By Kristen Glaüner

   My boys attend a school where community service is a major aspect of the curriculum; yet it is truly so much more. Students are required to provide at least 20 hours of community service each academic year. However, so many give much more. Below are a few highlights of the benefits of serving others:
   Community service teaches essential values that are difficult to acquire in the classroom. First, responsible citizenship involves making positive contributions for the betterment of others. Support offered can enrich the lives of those in need of supplies, food, or simply comfort. Becoming engaged teaches effective communication skills, enhances problem-solving abilities, and strengthens the sense of teamwork.
    Next, integrity is priceless in all facets of life. The  actions we take  can create trust, sincerity, and unity in our community.  The sense of being able to discover one's purpose and to have contributed to society is inspiring. Involvement in community service also teaches compassion, generosity, gratitude, and kindness. These traits are highly valued, for it is our character that teachers, coaches, friends, and teammates will remember.
    Respect and concern for all are paramount. Our actions, works, and deeds mirror the care and concern we have for others. Treating and respecting each other as you wish to be treated or respected hold true. Actions and spoken words are representative of oneself, and demonstrating respect for others allows for unity and growth within oneself.  Civility is the courtesy and compassion for others who may be different from us. Involvement in service promotes that compassion for others around the world. Service offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for others.
    The process and commitment to lifelong learning may seem like it does not relate to service. However, service provides the opportunity for the teacher to become the student-- and in that shift in dynamics, the community grows. Service helps those who act to embrace diversity more deeply, strengthens communities, and can be energizing. The experience of giving of yourself can teach a sense of self-awareness, create bonds with others, and allow for feelings of vulnerability to develop into confidence and strength.

Kristen Glaüner is the mother of 2 sons at PC. In her free time from full-time employment, she is the boys’ and girls’ soccer coach, just completed her M.B.A, and is an avid volunteer in her community.