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Spiritual Life & Campus Ministry


All students at PCHS are also required to participate in a Christian Service Program.  Service is the fulfillment of our baptismal promises and our patriotic duty.  We are called to be compassionate and just people in imitation of Jesus.  Therefore, as part of a fully integrated Christian education curriculum, we expect each student to complete at least 10 hours of service independent of class service projects or club-related service.  Students in supporting parishes are encouraged to do their 10 hours of service in their parish. 

Any student completing any service hours outside of their church must have prior approval by a theology teacher. 

Each grade will complete an additional 5 hours of directed service as part of their theology class and/or PC Service Day.


Students at PC are required to complete 10 hours of service for each year they attend. You will finally be able to enter your hours digitally! No more paper forms! And there is NO PROJECT this summer!! You can start tracking your hours now with MobileServe.

MobileServe is Peninsula Catholic High School’s new impact tracking system. It’s currently accessible from any Internet connected device via, and is currently available on the App store.

Please complete these 4 steps to start tracking your impact!

Sign Up, enter your school email address 
Upload your profile picture and affiliate with Peninsula Catholic High School by entering PENCAT
Find it on the App Store!
Start volunteering and sharing your story!
Questions? Reach out to or me at


Area Volunteer Organizations

Catholic Volunteer Network

Catholic Volunteer Network, established in 1963, is a non-profit membership organization of 215 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs.

Diocese of Richmond Youth Ministry

The Diocese is continually offering service opportunities throughout the Diocese and the country.  You can go through your parish or contact the Diocese directly for more information. 

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia

Catholic Charities is in need of volunteers who can give 2 or more hours per week/month.  If you are interested in volunteering in our offices and/or serving older adults in our community, please read about the services needed. 

Catholic Heart Workcamp

Be a part of a mission to serve!  You will work, serve and celebrate!  You will build relationships, pray, change while you change the world!  See your youth minister for details.

Youth Volunteer Corps

Youth Volunteer Corps of Hampton Roads engages youth in meaningful volunteer opportunities that positively impact the lives of others. You may contact Mrs. Brandquist, the moderator of the Peninsula Catholic YVC Club.

Office for Evangelization for Youth

The Office for Evangelization for Youth partners with parishes and schools to provide meaningful opportunities to engage in the mission of the Catholic Church through community building, prayer and worship, justice and service, and educational opportunities.