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Peninsula Catholic High School has been utilizing an online learning platform for years.  

Peninsula Catholic was the first school in the Hampton Roads area to implement Digital Learning Days (DLD) in 2016. Each student is issued a Chromebook that is used throughout the year. When unforeseen circumstances, like the coronavirus, impact the school, students log into Canvas, a Learning Management System used by many colleges, and interact live with teachers and classmates in their digital classrooms. It avoids the need for make-up days that force so many school systems to modify their calendar. 

To prepare for these emergencies and to become familiar with online learning, DLDs are part of the school calendar. Several times during the year, students are required to attend their virtual classes with live teacher led instruction, participate in group discussions and assignments, and follow up with homework and projects--independent and collaborative--using Google Suite or other online applications. While other school districts are limiting instruction to “review” work completed this year, students at Peninsula Catholic will continue engaging in new material and being assessed on their understanding. 

Each faculty member is a Google Certified Educator who is comfortable teaching with this collegiate style platform. This innovative approach not only prepares the students for online learning, it ensures that they will not miss valuable  instructional time each school year, be prepared for advanced placement testing, complete dual enrollment curricula,  and meet graduation requirements for the commencement ceremony. 

Peninsula Catholic is committed to adapting to unforeseen circumstances by leveraging our use of technology to continue to engage our students through various platforms with little to no disruption to the learning environment.