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“... I am so grateful for the DLD program.  So many of my friends' kids — my college-aged boys, as well — are just going online to look for assignments.  I am comforted in the morning by the sound of the teacher’s voice coming from her laptop — it is such a gift and so amazing.  Please thank everyone on my behalf.”
  -Jennifer Phillips- Mother of Mary Katherine '23, April 2020

“At Peninsula Catholic, faith and truth permeate every aspect of the school, from classroom to clubs to the fields of play. That is of critical importance to my family.” 
              -Bob McKenna, Father of Bobby ‘06, Brian ‘09, Molly ‘14, and Matt ‘20, September 2017 

“I am so glad the kids are part of PC and have Digital Learning Days. Especially during unforeseen situations like this.... We are all very fortunate to be able to do this in our own home, it gives a sense of safety and the kids can still learn and progress, for however long this may be.”
      -Gena Peterson- Mother of Luke '22, March 2020

“PC's culture is contagious. A loving supportive environment that is evident on every level. From the custodial staff to the principal my children are receiving a world-class educational experience that I am certain will last a lifetime.  ALL truly are welcomed at Peninsula Catholic.”

             -Catrina Lassiter, Mom of Pharaoh ‘21 and Yasmeen ‘23, November 2018

“PC came very highly recommended by many of our OLMC friends. I honestly didn’t do much research on other options. When we presented our oldest, Hope (currently a senior), with the choice of starting PC as a freshman versus the high school we are zoned for, there was no doubt in her mind that PC was the best option for her. My middle daughter Peyton practically begged us to start her at PC her 8th-grade year. The best decision ever. No regrets.”
             -Melissa Williams- Mother of Peyton '2024, and Hope Williams '2020, March 2020

“Thank you for being so forward-thinking in beginning the Digital Learning Days long ago. What an advantage PC has over all the other schools. I’ve been hearing how other high schools have been lacking in adjusting to this dramatic situation. But we’ve seen our granddaughter never miss a thing, comfortably continuing her senior year. Thank you and God bless.”
             -Eleanor Silva- Parent, Class of '86 '86 '87 '88 '90 '96 and Grandparent, Class of ‘19 '20, May 2020