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Service is a vital component of the educational experience at PC. Each student performs a minimum of 15 hours of service to others each year; most accomplish much more. Additionally, PC parents serve the school by volunteering throughout the year.

There are numerous ways for students to grow through service to others. Beyond school-sponsored events such as the Annual Day of Service in October, which commemorates the founding of Peninsula Catholic, the office of campus ministry provides opportunities for students and families all year.

All service hours must be legibly recorded on the Christian Service Hour form and turned in THE LAST DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK regardless of which term a student takes Theology.  Students who do not complete their service will receive an “Incomplete” for their theology class. The policy regarding an “Incomplete” class will be enforced as outlined in the “Academic Policies” in the Parent­/Student Handbook.  Each student will write a reflection paper on their service as part of their final exam.


Area Volunteer Organizations

Catholic Volunteer Network

Catholic Volunteer Network, established in 1963, is a non-profit membership organization of 215 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs.

Diocese of Richmond Youth Ministry

The Diocese is continually offering service opportunities throughout the Diocese and the country.  You can go through your parish or contact the Diocese directly for more information. 

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia

Catholic Charities is in need of volunteers who can give 2 or more hours per week/month.  If you are interested in volunteering in our offices and/or serving older adults in our community, please read about the services needed. 

Catholic Heart Workcamp

Be a part of a mission to serve!  You will work, serve and celebrate!  You will build relationships, pray, change while you change the world!  See your youth minister for details.

Youth Volunteer Corps

Youth Volunteer Corps of Hampton Roads engages youth in meaningful volunteer opportunities that positively impact the lives of others. You may contact Mrs. Brandquist, the moderator of the Peninsula Catholic YVC Club.