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Peninsula Catholic High School functions on the basis of mutual trust and respect between all members of the community.  As a result, students are expected to demonstrate integrity and individual responsibility, both personally and academically, in order to maintain a fair, respectful, accepting, and honest environment. Students who commit themselves to upholding Peninsula Catholic’s Code of Integrity will be instilled with a sense of honor and integrity that will last beyond their high school years.

“As a testament to my integrity, I will not lie, cheat, steal, or engage in any speech or action that seeks to diminish the integrity of any other individual, nor will I tolerate those who do.”

On written assignments, students affirm, “I abide by the Code of Integrity” with their signature.

By reciting the pledge and by writing and signing the statement, the student claims that he or she will not violate or has not violated any part of the code, which includes:  cheating, attempting to cheat, plagiarizing, lying, stealing, diminishing others through words or deeds (to include bullying/cyberbullying), or failing to report any of the above to the proper authority.

The Council for Academic Integrity oversees any violations of the Code of Integrity.