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The Council for Academic Integrity is a group of students and adult facilitators who are charged with helping enforce the Code of Integrity. Each school year, class officers and faculty members recommend students with a 2.0 academic average or higher to serve on the Council for Academic Integrity for the current school year. Additionally, interested students may self-nominate with a teacher's recommendation on his/her behalf to be considered for the Council for Academic Integrity.  All nominated students are then asked to complete an application.

Faculty members on the Council for Academic Integrity review applications and select the student members to serve on this council for the school year. 

Members of the Council for Academic Integrity are expected to serve as a model for honorable behavior, attend all required administrative hearings, and maintain strict confidentiality. Any member of the Council for Academic Integrity who discharges their duties negligently, habitually ignores school regulations, or becomes involved in a disciplinary action will be required to resign.