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Student Life

Students wear uniforms. It’s a fact. There are many options to the dress code at PC, though, and just as many “tag days” throughout the year to take a break from uniform attire. 

Uniform components are purchased through Land’s End

What to Wear

School Uniform


Navy blue, black, gray, or white cardigan, crew neck or V-neck sweaters,   and sweater vests

Peninsula Catholic club/athletic/class sweatshirts

Peninsula Catholic fleeces or navy blue fleece with no logo

Navy blue blazers




Tennis shoes, running shoes, any color(s)

Canvas shoes, any color/pattern

Brown or tan topsiders

Dress shoes, flats/no heel (black or brown) for girls

Dress shoes (black or brown) for boys

Socks (optional), any color



White cotton, button-down collar shirt with PC logo

Navy or white golf/polo shirt with PC logo 









Khaki or navy blue dress slack or Bermuda-style shorts (just above the knee); either Lands’ End (or similar); shorts are allowed throughout the year; 

Solid black, brown, or blue belts are required

Plaid Kilt Skirt, Below the Knee

Plaid Box Pleat Skirt, Top of Knee  



Boys’ Forum

Navy blue dress slacks ; either Lands’ End or other similar style 

White cotton button-down collar shirt, long or short sleeve with PC logo 

School tie

Belts (solid colors – brown or black) 

Solid colored dress socks (navy, black or tan) Dress shoes (black or brown) or topsiders (tan or brown) 

No tennis shoes 

No hoodies or jackets; students may wear an approved sweater 


Girls' Forum 

Plaid school skirt 

White cotton button-down collar blouse, long or short sleeves with PC logo  

Solid-colored tights or knee socksFlat dress shoes; black or brown

No tennis shoes

No hoodies or jackets; may wear an approved sweater