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Family Service

An essential component of the overall atmosphere and educational opportunities at Peninsula Catholic High School is parental involvement. It strengthens our community and offers our parents an avenue for interaction and proprietorship while affording an invaluable benefit to the school.

Family Service hours must be performed for PC between June 1, 2020, and May 31, 2021. Two-parent homes are required to perform 10 hours of service (one-parent home or two parent homes with a spouse deployed) are required to perform 5 hours of service. In lieu of service hours, parents may opt to pay $150 (two-parent home) or $75 (one-parent home). Please make sure checks are payable to PCHS with “service hours” written on the memo line. A charge of $15 per hour will be assessed for any uncompleted hours. An outstanding balance will preclude the release of report cards, transcripts, and/or diplomas.

How to Record Parent Service Hours