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Faculty and Staff

Daily Schedule

10-minute Homeroom/90 minute classes/3 Minute Pass time/25-minute lunch

7:45 - 7:55       Homeroom
7:58 - 9:28       Block 1      
9:31 -11:01      Block 2
11:04 - 11:29   Lunch (25 minutes)
11:32 -1:02     Block 3      
1:05 - 2:35      Block 4
2:40-3:10    Activity Block (Bus leaves at 3:15; meetings can begin at 3:15)

Regular Mass Schedule

5-minute Homeroom/75 minute classes/3 minute pass time/28-minute lunch

7:45-7:50    Homeroom
8:00-8:50    Mass
8:54-10:09    Block 1
10:12-11:27    Block 2
11:30-11:58    Lunch
12:01-1:16    Block 3
1:19-2:35    Block 4

Extended Mass

5-minute Homeroom/69 minute classes/3 minute pass time/27-minute lunch

7:45-7:50    Homeroom
8:00-9:15    Mass
9:19-10:28    Block 1
10:31-11:40    Block 2
11:43-12:10    Lunch
12:13-1:22    Block 3
1:25-2:35    Block 4

Staggered Dismissals

2:35     Student Drivers and Riders
2:38    Carpool pick up and Extra-curricular, club meetings, tutoring, athletics, and drama report to the gym 
2:40    All students remaining in block 4 class will report to the library.  Students whose rides are not waiting at the conclusion of the meeting, tutoring, etc., must report to the library.  Students must be off school grounds by 3:45 or a fee will be incurred for those who remain in the library for study hall. 
3:10    Bus riders dismissed by the bell
3:45    Remaining students will be billed for study hall past 3:45; study hall ends at 5:00


Keep assigned seating by homeroom; every other seat; seating chart required (for now)

Sacred Mondays

No Activity Block (with the exception of MMM, which is moderated by a volunteer)
Departments Meet at 2:45-3:30
Faculty Meetings once a month beginning at 2:45
Only athletes, drama, and MMM can stay on Mondays--athletes and drama report to the gym at dismissal; MMM reports to the band room; athletics and drama students are not required to attend until 3:30 pm.