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PC Knights Quest

What is our Knights Quest 1 Hour A Month Program? The Peninsula Catholic Knights Quest Program is an alumni volunteer program designed to encourage our alumni to share information about their life and reflections on their experience at PC through our social media platforms. All PCHS Knights are encouraged to participate, regardless of where they are living.  Alumni are encouraged to share their experiences through photos, advice, and reflective comments.

We created several Knights Quest options for you to participate in this unique alumni volunteer experience. Additionally, we may send out a specific Knights Quest topic that may appeal to you. Your input is valuable and will be used to help promote PC, to share your story, and to encourage other PC alumni to share their thoughts. Each Quest is created to take only an hour (or less) to complete. You are welcome to complete any or all of the Knights Quest. 

Thank you in advance for your willingness to participate in this program. Hearing experiences and advice firsthand from our alumni truly makes a difference in helping us to share our knights' lives, past, present, and future. 

Registration Form


To show our gratitude for your time, we have a few incentives for participating in the PC Knights Quest 1 Hour A Month Program.  

  • 1 Month:  Water Bottle

  • 3 Months: PC Journal

  • 6 Months: Hat

  • 9 Months: Insulated Bag

  • 12 Months: T-Shirt

To get started today, join the Knight Quest Program here. Once you join, we will send you a special thank you gift.

Knights Quest Adventures

Responding to the different adventures may involve some planning for photos, or thinking about how to respond to the various topics.
Knights Quest participants will earn points for exclusive PC Swag. We will check your adventure submissions each month and in turn, send you your swag.

When you complete an adventure each month, simply post it to your social media feed and tag Peninsula Catholic in your post. You can also send your submission to our Alumni Coordinator and we will make sure it is shared across our social media platforms. 

Don't have an Hour this month? 

Small gifts make a difference. Sign up for recurring donations and count this as your bundle for the month. Click HERE to start making an impact.