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Flexible Tuition FAQs

What is Flexible Tuition?
Flexible Tuition is a sliding scale tuition model that is designed to meet each family’s unique financial situation. Instead of a one-size-fits-all tuition rate, families will pay what they can afford.

How is Flexible Tuition different from tuition assistance?
The Flexible Tuition model is a different approach to tuition assistance. We recognize that many families who might not expect to be eligible for traditional tuition assistance may still qualify for a modest tuition discount. Rather than focusing on a tuition scholarship or aid, the focus is on: What level of tuition can my family afford to pay? Our goal for our Flexible Tuition Program is to make a Peninsula Catholic education affordable to families for whom a traditional tuition assistance structure might not be helpful.

How is Flexible Tuition calculated?
Flexible Tuition is calculated on the basis of financial information submitted by a family to FACTS, a confidential online service. FACTS submits flexible tuition recommendations to be considered by the PC Administration to make a final determination for the adjusted tuition rate.

What kind of economic situation qualifies a family for the Flexible Tuition Program?
Every family situation is unique; therefore, we encourage any family interested in the Flexible Tuition Program to apply. Factors such as family size, income, expenses, assets, and other tuition obligations are considered in the FACTS assessment. There is also an opportunity for sharing any extenuating circumstances of which the Administration should be aware.

Does every family applying to Peninsula Catholic need to submit financial forms?
No, only those families wishing to participate in the Flexible Tuition Program. If you do not participate in the Flexible Tuition Program, you will pay the published tuition rate for the year.

Who has access to my financial information?
The school is committed to protecting the privacy of its families. FACTS, a confidential online service, handles your financial information, and provides a profile to PC. All financial information received by the school is held in the strictest confidence by the Administration.

Does an application for the Flexible Tuition Program affect a student’s chance of admission to PCHS?
No, admission to Peninsula Catholic is based on a number of factors which does not include a desire to participate in the Flexible Tuition Program.

What if our family has more than one student enrolled at PCHS?
Family size and number of students enrolled are factors that are considered when establishing the tuition rate for each student. Peninsula Catholic offers a sibling rate discount that is also factored into the flexible rate for the family.

When will a family learn if they have been offered Flexible Tuition?
A family will receive their Flexible Tuition commitment for the year as part of their acceptance package or re-enrollment letter. Please refer to the Important Dates Chart.

Do all qualifying families that apply for the Flexible Tuition Program receive Flexible Tuition?
Yes. Qualifying families with completed applications within the established deadline schedules will be taken into consideration when reviewing requests for flexible tuition. 

Do families need to reapply for the Flexible Tuition Program every year?
Yes, families will need to re-apply through FACTS each year for which they would like to be considered for the Flexible Tuition Program. 

If a family does not receive Flexible Tuition one year, can they re-apply the following year?
Absolutely, especially if your family circumstances have changed.

Is it possible for a student to attend PCHS at no cost?
The Flexible Tuition Program is designed to offer a discount to help families who are able to pay a portion of their tuition.

What expenses are there other than tuition?
Each family is responsible for additional fees including their enrollment fee, one-time facilities fee, graduation fees, AP testing fees, and curriculum books and supply fees, and uniforms.

Who handles questions regarding Flexible Tuition Program?
Melissa Tucker, Business Manager, is the primary contact and Alyson LeMaster, Director of Enrollment,  is the secondary contact for questions regarding the Flexible Tuition Program.


Melissa Tucker 
Business Manager
(757) 596-7247 Ext. 112

Alyson LeMaster 
Director of Enrollment
(757) 596-7247 Ext. 106