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Peninsula Catholic understands that students learn best when they are engaged in their own learning.  To promote this, a 21st century learning environment was created where students consistently have opportunities to be self-directed in their learning as they collaborate, research, problem solve and create.

Students are issued chromebooks to use in school and at home, and classes operate almost solely in this chrome environment, taking advantage of the internet and educational apps that enhance the college preparatory curriculum.  Students and faculty use tools and apps such as Youtube, Padlet, Prezi, Movenote, Backchat, Diigo, Pear Deck, Kaizena, Quizlet, Socrative, and too many more to count! When walking the halls of PC, it is commonplace to see students, Google, Chat, Blog, Share, Video, Post, Link, Record, Collaborate, and Submit. Students can research anything, anytime. Classrooms are interactive, creative, and differentiated, with even more opportunities for faculty, who are all Level 1 Google Certified Educators, to teach in such a way that students’ critical thinking skills are constantly challenged. All the while, students learn what it means to be a good digital citizen.

Peninsula Catholic was the first school in the Hampton Roads area to  implement “Digital Learning Days” (DLD). When inclement weather hits, students log in and interact “live” with teachers and classmates in their digital classrooms throughout the day, thereby avoiding the dreaded “make-up days” that so many school systems are forced to add to their calendars. To prepare for these emergencies and to become familiar with online learning, DLDs are also implemented on Fridays six times a year.

Other technology includes the Distance Learning Center where classes can digitally connect with other students in classrooms across the country or even the world. Speakers can connect digitally to the DLC from virtually anywhere.  Classes taught at Peninsula Catholic can be offered to students at other schools by using the DLC.

The media lab is home to our engineering class, programming and robotics classes, digital photo class, graphic design class, and media studies class and is used for video projects assigned by any teacher for any class.  

We are proud of our ever-evolving technology based learning environment. By the time our students graduate, they are well-prepared to use technology as a tool to learn and create, allowing them to navigate the digital world in a responsible manner.